Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic and family violence is another contemporary issue like sexual harassment and mental health that is affecting today’s workplaces. However, relating to domestic violence one woman dies every week at the hands of a perpetrator.

Violence against women impacts on the health and safety of employees, their wellbeing and their productivity. It impacts negatively on workplace culture, organisational reputation and can effect bottom-line profit and loss.

Tailored Consulting can assist organisations and policy makers in addressing domestic and family violence appropriately and effectively to ensure the safety and wellbeing of victims are met, as well as mitigating the negative repercussions that may arise for the organisation.

What to do when someone tells you they have experienced violence or abuse?

Tailored Consulting can assist organisations with this question by delivering two options of education and training. Employers and policy makers will then be better able to protect victims in an employment context, make changes to workplace cultures, policies and procedures and ensure affected DV employees receive appropriate support.

Option 1: Tailored Consulting Director successfully achieved the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation for a large organisation in South West Sydney and is able to provide the following to any organisation wanting to improve their culture and brand awareness and join the cohort of businesses and government institutes to become an Accredited White Ribbon Workplace.

*The White Ribbon Accreditation process is a two year program:


Scope of White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation

  • Provide knowledge, skills and direction to HR Management team or Senior Leadership Team.
  • Review, research, coordinate and assist in the preparation of documents that demonstrate the organisation is taking an active stand in the issue of violence against women and children.
  • Assist in the managing and coordinate the implementing of the required White Ribbon criteria in the following areas:
    • 1.Communication strategies
    • 2.Changes to Policies & Procedures
    • 3.Operational Plan
    • 4.Risk Assessment to all sites
    • 5.Expectation of Contractors
    • 6.Response to Victims
    • 7.Response to Perpetrators
    • 8.Senior Leadership Training and Commitment
    • 9.Manager & Supervisor Disclosure Training
    • 10.Research and assist in the implementation of DV online Staff Training
    • 11.Assist in staff engagement programs for the prevention of violence against women
    • 12.Assist leadership teams in the development of community collaboration agendas
    • 13.Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Option 2 :

Tailored Consulting will provide bespoke training to senior and line management staff to equip them with the necessary tools to identify and assist staff in their employ who maybe victims of domestic violence.

This tailored program is designed to implement measures that address domestic violence in and out of the workplace and to reduce its adverse impacts on employee attendance, productivity and retention.

Inadequate and ineffective workplace responses to domestic violence victims leave them unsupported in challenging situations and potentially leave employers open to significant cost consequences.

When employers do not respond to employee experiences of violence, victims are left more vulnerable to further abuse.

Conversely, when employers acknowledge domestic violence as a workplace concern and take action accordingly, they are likely to reap the rewards of productive employees because they feel safe and supported.

The workplace has emerged as a key environment in which the impact of domestic violence is often felt. Tailored Consulting can assist in amending this with respectful cultural change and commitment.

*There may be times when a one-on-one conversation about domestic violence with a staff member is required. Tailored Consulting can also provide individual counselling, maintaining privacy and confidentiality principles.

Ode to feathers

Let me be as a feather,
strong with purpose
yet light at heart and able to bend.
And though I might become frayed
I’m able to pull myself together again.
written by Anita Sams