White Ribbon Project

At Campbelltown Catholic Club, people are our greatest asset and throughout 2016-17 we continued to inspire and develop our team members to be the best they can be and to make the most of opportunities in a changing workplace.

White Ribbon Accreditation

Our staff are now taking the pledge- “I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women. This is my Oath.”

In an effort to tackle the statistics surrounding domestic violence against women, the Club has set out to become a white-ribbon accredited workplace
– a rigorous two-year process. This has involved a dedicated committee, a range of programs and training sessions, and a heavily-involved staff We have actually seen it here in the past with a number of staff members presenting as victims of domestic violence. It’s very personal from our point of view- and it’s not just physical. Victims can be financially deprived or deprived of seeing their family and friends.

Our goal is to change attitudes and behaviours so women and children can be free from violence and abuse. We aim to do this through education, increasing awareness, developing prevention programs, forming partnerships, creative campaigns and fundraising events.

Leadership Development

Campbelltown Catholic Club has continued to engage in a comprehensive leadership development program for all 12 senior managers. This best of breed
program integrates key levers of change which work towards building a constructive culture to enhance excellence in customer service, quality catering, efficient and effective operations, etc.

Through workshops, 360 degree feedback and individual coaching, the program links culture and leadership in a way that allows individual managers and leaders to understand how they are perpetuating the current state through their thinking and behaviour.

This level of insight empowers and motivates individual managers to make hanges that directly increase performance